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Setting up Azure Active Directory for web app

Open Azure portal ,search Azure Active Directory

If the app is already registered go to App Registrations in the side panel other wise select New Registration.

  1. Add Name for the application
  2. Select Supported Account Types
  3. Add Redirect URI (this is optional but a value is required)
  4. Once the application is registered ,open the application and go to Authentication Menu on left side panel.
  • Add Platform from the options available
  • Select the options Access Tokens and ID tokens in Implicit grant and hybrid flows.

2. Next go to Certificates & secrets section

Click on the +New client secret

Add description for the client secret and select expires condition, Click on Add ,This will create the secret with value and id save the secret as it will not be visible afterwards.

3. Go to API permissions

Add API permissions add User.Read and User.ReadBasicAll

4. Add Scope

Copy the Application(client) ID, Directory(tenant) ID and use the same in the application in which you want to implement AAD login.

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