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Self Hosted Integration Runtime

A self-hosted integration runtime can perform copy operations between a cloud data store and a private network data store.

It can also send transform tasks to compute resources in an on-premises network or an Azure virtual network.

An on-premises machine or a virtual machine inside a…

Step on how to upload images to blob storage from web app

You can use either Azure Powershell or Azure portal to do the following steps

Create a resource group

Create a storage account

Create Blob storage containers

Create an App service plan

Create the web App

Configure web app…

How to automate pipeline run in DataFactory from any application

Install nuget packages

In any project create a method which will initialize azure settings such as subscriptionid, token, pipeline name, datafactory name as shown in the diagram below , in this example I hav considered a console application in can take the same reference for different application also.

Go to Key Vault Resource

If Key Vault is not available you need to add Key Vault resource Add KeyVault Resource

  • Go to access policies
  • Add Access Policies

Open Azure portal ,search Azure Active Directory

If the app is already registered go to App Registrations in the side panel other wise select New Registration.

  1. Add Name for the application
  2. Select Supported Account Types
  3. Add Redirect URI (this is optional but a value is required)
  4. Once the application is…

The Integration Runtime (IR)is the compute infrastructure that uses Azure Data Factory. It basically means that it uses IR to run copy activities between cloud data store and a private network. Dispatching the following transform activities against compute resources in on-premises or Azure Virtual Network: HDInsight Hive activity (BYOC-Bring Your…

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